Start listening to Elvis

It’s worth it. Some pointers, from Wikipedia:

    • Marsh credits Presley with the introduction of the “vocal stutter” on 1955’s “Baby Let’s Play House.”
    • When on “Don’t Be Cruel” Presley “slides into a ‘mmmmm’ that marks the transition between the first two verses,” he shows “how masterful his relaxed style really is.”

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Best of Chicago, northside edition.

  • Best outdoor patio: Moody’s
  • Best pizza: Spacca Napoli
  • Best coffeeshop: Kitchen Sink
  • Best egg sandwiches: Milk & Honey
  • Best tourist place that’s legitimately fun: Top of the Hancock
  • Best park: River Park
  • Best portal to the 90s: Morseland
  • Best hidden area that looks like somewhere Mark Twain would live: Old Edgebrook
  • Best surprise when you stumble on it accidentally: Leaning Tower of Niles