Best of Chicago

  • Best Restaurant: Lula’s
  • Best Restaurant with a Pink Wall: Province
  • Best Italian: La Scarola
  • Best Outdoor Patio: Moody’s
  • Best Bar: Edgewater Lounge
  • Best Sandwich: Ba Le
  • Best Pizza: Spacca Napoli
  • Best Burger: Kuma’s
  • Best Hot Dog: Weiner Circle
  • Best Coffeeshop: Kitchen Sink
  • Best Egg Sandwiches: Milk & Honey
  • Best Tourist Place that’s Actually Fun: Top of the Hancock
  • Best Laid Back Atmosphere: Uncommon Ground on Devon
  • Best Restaurant with Kids: Acre
  • Best Place to take Kids: Exploratorium (Skokie)
  • Best View of Chicago: Monroe Harbor
  • Best Park: River Park
  • Best Place to Step into a 90s Time Warp: Morseland
  • Best Hidden Area: Old Edgebrook
  • Best Sudden Shock When You Find it Accidentally When Driving: Leaning Tower of Niles



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