How to read the Age of Apocalypse

It’s bizarre that it’s so hard. But it is not at all clear how to read Marvel’s mid-nineties series the age of Apocalypse. Sure, there are references, like here. But even these presume some background, and mix in information for collectors. If you simply want to read Age of Apocalypse, here is how to do it:

Read The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic, Book 2

Read The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic, Book 3

Read The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic, Book 4

Book 1 makes absolutely no sense. It doesn’t contain any narrative. Skip it, or read it after 4.


Best of Chicago

  • Best Restaurant: Lula’s
  • Best Restaurant with a Pink Wall: Province
  • Best Italian: La Scarola
  • Best Outdoor Patio: Moody’s
  • Best Bar: Edgewater Lounge
  • Best Sandwich: Ba Le
  • Best Pizza: Spacca Napoli
  • Best Burger: Kuma’s
  • Best Hot Dog: Weiner Circle
  • Best Coffeeshop: Kitchen Sink
  • Best Egg Sandwiches: Milk & Honey
  • Best Tourist Place that’s Actually Fun: Top of the Hancock
  • Best Laid Back Atmosphere: Uncommon Ground on Devon
  • Best Restaurant with Kids: Acre
  • Best Place to take Kids: Exploratorium (Skokie)
  • Best View of Chicago: Monroe Harbor
  • Best Park: River Park
  • Best Place to Step into a 90s Time Warp: Morseland
  • Best Hidden Area: Old Edgebrook
  • Best Sudden Shock When You Find it Accidentally When Driving: Leaning Tower of Niles


Building vegetable garden gutter system, late in the season (links as thought-starters)

Too late to plant salad? No:

Skip the building? What about this $15 dollar shelf from IKEA?

Images of salad in pots:

DIY for building:

Inspirational images:

Using old gallons of milk: